Honda Placing ‘fun To Drive’ Over Outright Performance

Honda Civic sedan updated, cut to $21,990 driveawayHonda, a brand known for its racing pedigree, is placing a lesser emphasis on outright performance in favor of products that are “fun to drive,” a top executive said last week.

It wasn’t long ago that Honda offered some of the most interesting and exciting performance cars geared at the enthusiast market. The S2000 is still a crowd favorite among car lovers as is the iconic Integra Type R.

With the exception of the upcoming NSX that few will be able to afford, it’s hard not to feel like Honda has given up on building legitimate performance vehicles. With the Civic Si, Honda doesn’t even seem to be concerned with offering something that approaches driving dynamics similar to the Integra Type R, or all-out performance on par with segment rivals like the Mazdaspeed3 or Ford Focus ST. For now, that’s exactly where the company wants to be according to American Honda senior vice president Mike Accavitti.


Honda Civic sedan updated, cut to $21,990 driveaway