Honda Prelude Shows The Power Of Vtec By Pulling Truck

Honda Prelude Shows The Power Of VTEC By Pulling TruckNaturally-aspirated Hondas are known for their high-revving engines, respectable power and complete lack of torque. However, the owner of this Honda Prelude didn’t let the lack of pulling power dissuade him from being a Good Samaritan.
The following incident reportedly happened on December 5 last year in Ontario, Canada and immediately starts with a truly bizarre scene: a broken down truck strapped to an eager Honda Prelude up the road.With the fifth-gen Prelude’s H22 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine screaming, the coupe actually starts to slowly pull the truck forward. The uploader asserts that the small tug was enough for the trucker to turn over the engine – and not a moment too soon.You see, while the Prelude did indeed manage to tow the truck, it didn’t do so with ease. As a matter of fact, smoke can be seen pouring out from the underbody towards the end of its valiant effort. That smoke was most likely caused by the clutch burning up, and while it may not be completely ruined, the clutch’s working life has almost certainly been reduced quite significantly.The fifth-generation Prelude was introduced in late 1996, and while North America didn’t receive many variants, the Prelude was offered in some pretty potent forms. Most notably were the SiR S-spec and Type S models sold in Japan, both fitted with the desirable H22A engine and producing 217 hp. Impressively, certain Prelude models were even sold with four-wheel steering, a technology which has only re-emerged on high-performance sports cars and supercars in the last few years.