Honda's Chinese Arm Has A Funny Way Of Camouflaging 2020 Civic Facelift

Honda's Chinese Arm Has A Funny Way Of Camouflaging 2020 Civic Facelift

Carmakers go above and beyond trying to hide the design changes of new products during the development and testing phase, adding all sorts of psychedelic wraps to the body panels and sometimes even bulky plastic cladding.

Honda, though, has taken it to the next level with this Civic prototype, which was shared by the Chinese media. The compact hatchback is wrapped in a weird combo of white plastic wrapping and  brightly colored barricade tape that’s usually employed to warn or catch the attention of passersby of a dangerous area. If the colors don’t get your attention, then perhaps the way the tape was applied to the body will, as it looks like it badly needs to be subjected to an unboxing…

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As odd as it is, the camouflage does a good job as keeping the visuals of the facelifted Civic a secret. Still, since we’re on the subject, expect lightly modified bumpers, headlights and taillights, as well as new wheels and perhaps other minor changes. The updates will keep it competitive for a few more years, until Honda is ready to launch the next generation, which will continue to do battle with the Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and newly unveiled Volkswagen Golf.

The only low-res picture of the Chinese market interior shows the same layout, yet the infotainment screen appears to be different, with rounded top corners and probably a bigger diagonal. This version has a black interior, but customers will be able to choose between other colors and, in all likelihood, new trims.

Meanwhile, Honda has slightly updated the 2020 Civic hatch in the U.S., revising the styling and introducing new gear. Pricing starts at $22,580 for the LX and goes up to $29,780 for the Sport Touring.