Hood Flies Off Toyota Camry, Almost Strikes Dash Cam Car And A Jeep

Hood Flies Off Toyota Camry, Almost Strikes Dash Cam Car And A JeepWhile many of us we’d like to think that driving is an inherently safe thing to do, the truth is, it can be very dangerous, especially when the unexpected happens. This near-miss is the perfect example that, no matter how careful you may be, anything can go wrong.

Filmed from two angles by a motorist’s dashcams, we can see the moment an XV10-generation Toyota Camry passes an SUV on a highway near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. On first appearances, everything seems normal. However, if you take a closer look at the Camry, you’ll notice that its hood is, for some reason, unlatched. Out of nowhere, the hood flies off and soars over 100 feet down the roadway. Not only does the hood narrowly miss the filming car, it also comes within inches of striking a Jeep.While no one was injured by the flying piece of metal, things could have been much worse. In fact, if either of the following vehicles had been a few feet closer to the Camry, the hood could have slammed into their windscreens, potentially smashing the glass, and resulting in an accident with unforeseeable consequences.The moral to the story? Never let your guard down while driving, as anything may happen. You can’t predict all of them, but being vigilant at least gives you a fighting chance of avoiding them.