Infiniti Aquaplanes Across Highway Median Smashing Into Accord And Model 3

Infiniti Aquaplanes Across Highway Median Smashing Into Accord And Model 3

Not a lot of things are worse than being hit by a car out of nowhere in a collision which you aren't to blame for. That's exactly what happened to a Honda Accord and Tesla Model 3 in Texas recently.

Dramatic dashcam footage captured the moment an Infiniti G37S slides out of control and slams into an Accord and Model 3, in a crash which could have easily been avoided.

The video shows the silver Infiniti start to aquaplane along the road. Unable to control the car, the driver is quickly turned into a passenger as the car slides across the grass median strip and directly into oncoming traffic. The Infiniti narrowly misses a Fiat 500 before smashing into the Accord, pushing the Honda into a Model 3 in the next lane. The Tesla’s Autopilot system may be able to help it avoid some incidents, but it had no chance of preventing a hefty impact.

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It’s difficult to say for sure why the Infiniti slid out of control in the wet weather but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that speed played a factor. If not, it could have been due to driver error, an issue with the car itself or perhaps a problem with the tires. Whatever the case may be, crashes like this typically don’t happen out of nowhere and can be avoided or else every car would be spearing off roads as soon as rain started falling.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as though any of the occupants in the three cars involved were injured.