Infiniti Formula 1 Returns To In - Season Testing In Italy: Day 2

Formula 1 Returns to In-Season Testing in Italy: Day 2Day two of the test saw conditions markedly improved from yesterday, and with both Mark and Sebastian in the car, the team was able to work through its full run plan.

Driver: Mark Webber
Car: RB8
Laps: 54 laps
Best time: 1:21.997

Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: RB8
Laps: 64 laps
Best time: 1:21.825

Circuit length: 5.245 km
Fastest lap: R. Grosjean (1:21.603)

In the morning Mark caught up on the items carried over from yesterday's program and focused more on aerodynamic tests with new components, along with set-up work to maximize the benefit of those elements.

Mark commented: "The track finally dried out today and the Tuscan weather kicked in at last, so we managed a few laps in the end. We had absolutely truck loads of stuff to go through, but so far so good. Mileage is so limited these days it was good to be in the car again; this test has been very useful.

"I think for Barcelona we will largely keep pushing with what we have done already, although I'm sure there will be small details that will change."

The team worked hard through the lunch break to change the car over for Sebastian, who completed 64 laps as the team continued its aerodynamic tests.

"I'm happy to be here," he said. "Unfortunately we don't have this track on the calendar. It's an incredible circuit with a lot of high-speed corners. It's what you hope for in a Formula One car, because you can really feel the downforce. Once you get into the rhythm it's really enjoyable.

"We've got a lot of laps to get through here. We'll be trying to sort out a lot of the items we've been testing at previous events and things we possibly want to use in the future. The really important thing from here will be the analysis after this test to see what happens to the car."