Infiniti Wants Self - Driving Tech In Its Entire Lineup

Infiniti Wants Self-Driving Tech in its Entire LineupInfiniti is considering adding self-driving capabilities for most new models.
The company’s president, Roland Krueger, confirmed to Reuters that the latest-generation steering system will be rolled out as Infiniti launches new vehicles one by one.

Automakers from around the world are working on autonomous driving technologies and Infiniti might beat some of its luxury German rivals to the punch. Currently, only the Q50 sedan features semi-autonomous driving with a steering system that allows it to self-drive at speeds above 37 mph on the highway.

Competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz also offer semi-autonomous features including stay-in-lane technology and automatic braking, serving as assists for self-driving on the highway. Tesla of course has its Autopilot that allows for complete self-driving on highways.

As for moving beyond self-driving on the highways, Krueger noted that most advanced autonomous features will require advances in infrastructure and regulation.

Most automakers believe that self-driving cars will arrive by 2020 and autonomous vehicles are the way of the future.