Is This What The 2020 Toyota Supra Should Have Looked Like From The Factory?

Is This What The 2020 Toyota Supra Should Have Looked Like From The Factory?

There is a 2020 Toyota Supra currently residing in Bahrain that could very well be the finest example anywhere on earth.

Owned by EKanno Racing, this stunning blue 2020 GR Supra has been adorned with a series of aftermarket modifications to make it really stand out.

The most obvious alterations come in the form of a carbon fiber front splitter, carbon side skirts, and new carbon fins on either side of the rear bumper. Additionally, the Japanese sports car is sitting on a set of 20-inch Vossen wheels and perhaps most important of all, includes a towering rear wing.

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Criticisms about the new Toyota Supra being nothing more than a re-badged BMW have been raging from the moment the car was unveiled earlier this year. The presence of a huge rear wing similar in shape to the wing of the famed Mk4 Supra makes the new one clearly identifiable as a Toyota. In fact, we happen to think this Supra looks so good that the sports car should have left the factory looking like this.

It doesn’t appear as though EKanno Racing intends on calling it quits with these new exterior parts fitted as the performance shop has shared an image on Instagram showing the car being put to the test on a dyno. Those with good eyes may even notice the man responsible for the Toyota 86 and the new Supra, Tetsuya Tada, is actually sitting in the background.


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