Isuzu's Vehicross Is A Suprisingly Bold Suv From The 1990s

Isuzu’s VehiCROSS Is A Suprisingly Bold SUV From The 1990sThe Isuzu VehiCROSS was a sporty two-door compact SUV, with short overhangs, plenty of plastic cladding, chrome wheels and surprisingly good off-road credentials.
Isuzu built this vehicle between 1997 and 2001, and out of a total of 5,958 units, 4,153 were sold in the United States – one of which is this 2001 white example, tested here by Doug DeMuro.It’s actually been certified as the last official production VehiCROSS, making it all the more special, though not the least bit less weird. Its MSRP? Just over $31,000, making it about as expensive as a base-spec 2018 Chevy Traverse.When it comes to quirks, you can be sure that the Isuzu VehiCROSS has plenty off them, such as the so-called “horns” protruding from the headlights, the plastic cladding in the lower part of the bodywork, the weirdly shaped rear window, the Recaro seats (yes, really), faux carbon fiber trim, a torque-on-demand system (not all quirks are bad) and lots more.On the move, DeMuro noticed a good amount of road noise, yet he was pleasantly surprised by how the VehiCROSS drove, saying that it felt “robust” and overall fun, although it wasn’t particularly fast or thrilling from behind the wheel.