James May Does Two - Minute Review Of The Honda Civic Type R

James May Does Two-Minute Review Of The Honda Civic Type R

If you want a driver-oriented front-wheel drive hot hatch, it's hard to beat the Honda Civic Type R.

The hot Civic has been around in some form or another for decades and James May recently had the opportunity to put the latest model through its paces.

The Grand Tour co-host could have created an in-depth review of the car chock-full with stunning cinematics and footage, no problem at all. Instead, he has released a two-minute-long video on Drive Tribe.

May kicks off by confirming that the Type R is "fast." Hardly earth-shattering news; the Japanese hot hatch is one of the most fearsome front-wheel drive vehicles ever built – bar none. He also happens to be a fan of the car’s styling, even though many (count us among them…) think it’s a little over-the-top. For someone who dresses as conservatively as May, we thought the looks of the Civic might be a little too much for him. But hey, the man’s allowed to have fun, right?

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Both the engine and interior also receive May’s tick of approval. The only downside of the cabin he mentions is the somewhat lackluster infotainment system and its poor satellite navigation. The car even has enough space for May to fit inside the trunk. Which might not be a wise thing to say, given the company (JC and Hammond) he’s hanging around with for the past few decades…

Under the hood of the latest Civic Type R is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four with a meaty 306 HP that’s connected to one of finest six-speed manual transmissions of any car on the market today, irrespective of segment or price, and while the car may 'only’ be front-wheel drive, it still offers exceptional handling abilities.

There you have it: one top-notch super hatch, one celebrity automotive journalist who’s enamored with it. Maybe these two should get a room. Or he adds one in his garage.