Japan Turns A Classic Toyota Hilux Into A Mobile Post Office

Japan Turns A Classic Toyota Hilux Into A Mobile Post Office

Japan wants to relive the old days where people would actually send handwritten letters to each other and launched what it calls the &Post project. To help promote this project, a classic Toyota Hilux has been transformed into a mobile post office.

Simply named 'Post Car’, the vehicle looks to be a sixth-generation Hilux and is certainly unlike any other we’ve ever seen. It is painted bright red and features white accents, including script on both doors which reads 'Have you received my letter?’

Sitting on top of the bed is the small post office itself, constructed from wood which includes a small desk where a worker can sit. The post office is equipped to sell postcards and stationery and should they choose, visitors will be able to take a photo off their phone and have it printed into a postcard.

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The unique Toyota Hilux Post Car is currently on display at the Kitte shopping center in Tokyo’s Marunouchi area and will hit other locations across the country this year. It’s a novel idea and does serve as a reminder of how impersonal it can be to communicate with people via text or online chats.

In the not too distant future, we will have the opportunity to see what the latest and greatest Hilux is capable of with a test of the Hilux Rugged X. Equipped with a host of off-road focused parts, the pickup promises to be capable of tackling some difficult terrain and we’re going to put it to the test. Stay tuned.