Japanese Steel Scandal Could Result In Car Recalls

Japanese Steel Scandal Could Result in Car Recalls

Japan’s Kobe Steel Ltd. has revealed its staff faked data on the strength of some of its products.

The company is Japan’s third-biggest steelmaker and has ties to several automakers including Mitsubishi, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Nissan, and Honda. Kobe Steel has admitted its staff falsified data about the strength and durability of some aluminum and copper products that are used in planes, trains, and potentially a space rocket. Automakers Toyota, Honda, and Subaru have said they’ve used materials what were subject to falsification.

Toyota has come forward saying that it has found Kobe Steel materials, for which the supplier falsified data, in hoods, doors, and peripheral areas. The automaker is working quickly to identify which vehicle models and what components may be affected.

Other automakers that have come forward include Honda, which said it used falsified material from Kobe Steel in cars doors and hoods, while Mazda confirmed it uses aluminum from the company. Suzuki and Mitsubishi are currently checking to see whether their vehicle are impacted.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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