Jtekt's Ev Module Retracts Steering Handle In Automatic Driving Mode

JTekt's EV Module Retracts Steering Handle in Automatic Driving Mode

JTekt Corp exhibited a vehicle module featuring various EV technologies at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017.

The company is developing the module, "Future Concept Vehicle," as a "concept for the future."

"Future Concept Vehicle"[Click to enlarge image]

The steering handle[Click to enlarge image]

The completely stored handle[Click to enlarge image]

The most distinguishing feature of the module is its function to retract the steering handle. In an automatic driving mode, the handle is completely stored in the dashboard. As a result, the comfort of the driver's seat can be drastically improved, JTekt said.


Steer-by-wire and in-wheel motor[Click to enlarge image]

A hydrogen tank for fuel-cell vehicles (yellow object)[Click to enlarge image]

The module is also equipped with EV technologies such as steer-by-wire, in-wheel motor and hydrogen tank (for fuel-cell vehicles). The in-wheel motor was used for all of the four wheels. The rear motors are used for driving the vehicle while the front motors are for assist. JTekt did not disclose the specifications of the motor.

With the vehicle module, JTekt showed a concept of using a lithium-ion (Li-ion) capacitor being developed by the company as an auxiliary power source. By using the capacitor for steer-by-wire, etc, it becomes possible to improve energy efficiency and freedom of layout, the company said.

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