La Suspect Leads Police On Chase Across A Beach In Toyota Camry

LA Suspect Leads Police On Chase Across A Beach In Toyota Camry

A bizarre police chase occurred in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles last week that saw the suspect drive along a beach and try to flee authorities by jumping into the ocean.

CBS Local reports that the driver of a Toyota Camry made a run for it after police tried to pull him over suspecting the Camry was stolen. The community of Playa Del Rey is reportedly filled with dead-end streets and speed bumps so the suspect thought fleeing along the beach would be his best bet.

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Dramatic helicopter footage shows the suspect drive off the road and onto a bike path as he tried to make his escape. He then steered onto the sand coming close to those enjoying the idyllic setting. As the suspect continued to drive along the beach, he started driving along the edge of the water making for what appears to be a scene out of a Hollywood movie or a bold roadtrip from The Grand Tour.

The man’s luck soon ran out. Driving a front-wheel drive Camry on sand is no easy task and before long, it got stuck. The man exited the car with his hands up as two police officers appeared to have their weapons aimed at him but instead of giving up, he casually walked into the ocean where local media says he downed a beer. Officers then pursued the man into the water and eventually dragged him out.

It remains to be seen what charges will be filed against the driver.