Lexus Celebrates Success With Updated Is Sedan

Lexus Celebrates Success With Updated IS SedanLexus has celebrated one million global sales of its IS sports sedan by launching model upgrades in styling, safety and driving experience.
Many of the design features have been imported from the recently released Lexus RC sports coupe, effectively creating a four-door version of the highly acclaimed coupe.

The new IS models are expected to assist Lexus achieve a new all-time sales record in Australia of more than 9,000 deliveries.

The substantial improvements are across the board of the three Lexus IS models, each available in three grades with enhancement packages to help owners personalise their vehicles.

Lexus Australia chief executive Peter McGregor said the upgrades brought new levels of driver engagement, styling, luxury and convenience.

"Every improvement on the new Lexus IS Line has been made with the aim of enhancing the owner, driver and occupant experience," Mr McGregor said.

"It is a typically thoughtful response to the requirement of continual improvement in everything Lexus undertakes."

The Lexus IS Line has established a strong reputation in Australia over four generations because of its trend-setting design.

More than 40,000 Lexus IS Line vehicles have been delivered in Australia since inception, making it the most in-demand of all Lexus model ranges.

The new Lexus models feature eight exterior styling changes and 15 within the cockpit as well as major improvements to the display audio screen and the renowned Lexus sound system.

Most importantly, the IS Line now incorporates the complete suite of the Lexus Safety System+ technology designed to provide maximum driver control, especially in critical situations.

The Lexus IS Line is available as the IS 200t with the recently launched two-litre turbo motor, IS 350 using a 3.5-litre quad cam V6 and as the 300h petrol-electric hybrid.

All three variants are available in Luxury, F Sport and Sports Luxury grades with varying degrees of specification according to owner requirement.

The petrol IS line-up mirrors that of the RC Line to create a spectacular range of choice for intending Lexus owners.

The new IS Line has a new bumper design and a totally repackaged lighting design that substantially increases night-time visibility and day-time recognition.

Lexus IS Luxury and Sports Luxury grades benefit from totally new wheel designs.

The distinctive Lexus spindle grille, a hallmark feature of all Lexus models, has further evolved to give the front of the IS an even more aggressive stance.

Inside, occupants are provided with an enhanced feeling of an exclusive cockpit.

New trim colours and combinations and longitudinal stitching across the cockpit facias enhance an already acclaimed sports interior.

A standout feature is the new 10.3-inch display audio screen, available to both driver and passengers, replacing the previous seven-inch unit in the centre dashboard.

The IS Line has substantially new instrument gauges that incorporate a non-lineal scale beneath 100km/h on the speedometer to provide easy driver recognition.

Steering wheel control buttons identical to the Lexus RC Line make for more precise control.

The Lexus Safety System+ package introduces a sophisticated Pre-Collision System to a suite of electronic control mechanisms including Lane Departure Warning+.

Increases in recommend retail prices are contained below $900 and are more than offset by increased levels of specification.

The price span of the Lexus IS Line is from $59,340# for the IS 200t Luxury up to $84,160# for the IS 350 Sports Luxury.

Taking into account the six models of the RC Line, Lexus now has 15 variants of the IS and RC Lines across a price band of less than $30,000.