Lexus Chief Engineer Boasts About The Cutting - Edge Safety Tech Of The 2018 Ls

Lexus Chief Engineer Boasts About The Cutting-Edge Safety Tech Of The 2018 LSWhile the all-new 2018 Lexus LS will look and feel remarkably different compared to its predecessor, chief engineer Toshio Asahi claims there's way more to it than meets the eye.
Asahi says that their new flagship model features three world-first safety technologies, starting with the new pre-crash auto-steering system, followed by an advanced head-up display with two new functions.

Unlike the current system, the new steering tech doesn't just brake the car before a crash, it also automatically steers the LS around the obstacle, stated Asahi during an interview with Autonews.

The second advancement is in regards to the updated head-up display, which presents projected data on the windshield and also happens to be the world's largest HUD system. This new version also warns of pedestrians ahead, while the pedestrian sensor system combines a stereo camera with millimeter-wave radar in order to improve performance at night.

Finally, the third new feature is an intersection blind-spot detection technology that alerts the driver to vehicles coming from either side. Ultimately, the driver is warned via the head-up display if there's any dangerous oncoming traffic.

Lexus exec Jeff Bracken added that the LS will make a "strong safety statement" within its segment by bundling these new safety technologies with the Lexus Safety System + package and making them standard on all 2018 LS models.