Lexus Planning Hot Surprise Reveal At La Auto Show

Lexus Planning Hot Surprise Reveal at LA Auto ShowLexus has something planned for the LA Auto Show this week, and they’re teasing the reveal on their social media networks — first was this image on Facebook with the caption “You’ll feel it all the way down to the stitching. See the reveal November 16th”.

This looks to be stitching on a Lexus IS dash, though why it’s bright green is anyone’s guess.
A second image was posted on Twitter with the caption “And we’re not just talking about our Scoville rating. Check it out on November 16th” — it looks to be a bright red steering wheel.

There are a couple clues — first off, these images were only posted to the Lexus USA social media accounts, so it’s unlikely that we’re looking at a new vehicle release. Secondly, the Scoville scale mentioned on Twitter refers to the unit of measurement used to rank chili pepper “hotness”.
My best guess? We’re looking at a custom car of some description — perhaps in the same vein as the LA Clippers-themed RC F from earlier this year. Judging from these images, what do you think we’re looking at?