Lexus To Unveil Production - Ready Electric Model Next Week

Lexus To Unveil Production-Ready Electric Model Next Week

Lexus is finally delving into the world of electric vehicles with their first dedicated product, which will debut at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China on November 22.

Accompanying the announcement is a teaser image that does not really reveal anything, except for an 'Electric’ logo, yet the brand did say that the new EV will launch in China and Europe.

"Specifically crafted to suit the needs of audiences in China and Europe, this further advances the brand’s desire to offer a portfolio of electrified powertrain choices for diverse audiences worldwide", said Lexus in the short press release.

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The Japanese automaker already tested the waters last month, with the LF-30 Electrified Concept. In spite of the 'electrified’ name, it’s not a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, but an EV with an electric motor mounted in each wheel that, combined, provide an output of 536 horsepower.

Depending on the road conditions and/or what the driver’s preferences, it can be driven in front-, rear- or all-wheel drive configuration. The show car is equipped with several new technologies, such as the wireless charging, self-parking and front-door pickup, with the latter functioning similarly to Tesla’s Summon feature.

For the study that premiered at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus chose a futuristic design approach that also includes gullwing doors that open up to reveal the uniquely shaped cabin, with several screens and a racing-style steering wheel.

Will the production-ready EV be a toned-down of that concept, or something else entirely? We’ll find out next week – if not sooner…