Lexus' Upcoming Ev Concept Could Preview A Production Model

Lexus' Upcoming EV Concept Could Preview A Production Model

Toyota and Lexus are planning to launch an assortment of electric vehicles, and the company could preview one of them at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Autocar reports Lexus will use the event to unveil an electric hatchback concept that draws inspiration from the LF-SA concept which was introduced in 2015. However, the car’s design will be more production ready and is rumored to be "more futuristic" than anything else in the lineup.

That’s pretty vague, but it appears the concept won’t ditch the company’s controversial spindle grille. As Lexus’ general manager of design, Koichi Suga, explained "The spindle grille is … a representation of personality, and it’s the face of the car, so it’s really a necessary part of the brand identity." However, Suga said the grille will be modified for use on electric vehicles as customers expect something "futuristic" and more "non-traditional."

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The futuristic styling will continue in the cabin as the steering wheel will reportedly be flanked by digital displays both sides. It remains unclear what they’re show, but one screen could be focused on infotainment while the other shows vehicle information.

There’s no word on specifications, but concept is expected to preview a production model. However, there’s no word on when it could arrive.

In other news, Sato said Lexus needs an entry-level model to attract first time luxury buyers who are moving up from mainstream vehicles. There’s been a lot of activity at the bottom end of the market as Mercedes has unveiled an assortment of new and redesigned models such as the A-, CLA- and GLB-Class. BMW also unveiled their redesigned 1-Series and the all-new Audi A3 is expected to debut in Frankfurt next month.

Lexus, on the other hand, dropped their entry-level CT in the United States a few years ago. The model is still available in Europe, but it’s nearly nine years old at this point.  While nothing is official, the publication suggests an all-new model could arrive in 2021.