Lifted Toyota Supra Could Be The Ultimate Off - Roader

Lifted Toyota Supra Could Be The Ultimate Off-Roader

Not a fan of the new Toyota Supra’s design? Well, perhaps this rendering of a lifted Supra will do it for you.

Created by Photoshop master Rain Prisk, the Supra depicted here is unlike anything that Toyota will ever put into production. However, that’s not to say it isn’t cool. In fact, it is amazing.

In creating the off-road Supra, Prisk fitted a set of huge off-road wheels and tires that help to instantly boost the vehicle’s ride height. To house the huge wheels, custom arches were also required. You’ll also notice a skid plate at the front, a pair of tow hooks, side steps, a roof rack, and even a snorkel that would theoretically allow this special Supra to wade through water. A large kayak on the roof completes the look.

Now that’s a true SUV.

Beyond criticisms about the new Toyota Supra essentially being a BMW, many seem upset that it doesn’t look as wild as the FT-1 Concept. However, the upcoming Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept may spell an end to any complaints.

Recently teased ahead of the vehicle’s premiere on February 9th, it appears as though the Supra Performance Line Concept will be a high-performance model laden with a number of eye-catching aerodynamic components. Among the changes will probably be a large rear wing, aggressive front splitter, a new rear diffuser, and upgraded side skirts. There could also be a number of mechanical upgrades..