Long - Term Driving : 2015 Nissan Murano

2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn MuranoI am spending some time behind the wheel of our long-term 2015 Nissan Murano. The Murano is Nissan's midsized crossover. It's got room for five people. This one's got the V6 that makes 260 horsepower, 240 pound-feet of torque. It's a nicely equipped model. This one starts at 29, about 29 and a half.

We loaded this up with everything; it's the Platinum Edition. It comes in at close to 44 grand, so it's a very nice SUV. It's interesting to get some time in the long-term test car.

Some of the cars we drive and test out longer than others. Long-term test fleet means we keep it for about a year and really live with it. It's our most thorough form of testing. As you can see just by looking at the Murano, it's a lot different than the last generation.

It gets some of the cutting-edge styling that Nissan has been giving its other vehicles. You've seen it on some of the concepts. Most I think famously, it's used on the Maxima sedan. That means the front end is a little more demonstrative. The grille really stands out. I love these headlights and the taillights. They're wraparound. They're piercing. They really give this vehicle some panache, some real style. To me, style is a big reason you might want to consider the Murano.

There's a lot of crossovers in this segment. A lot of them are above this size, a little bit bigger, a little bit smaller. It's one of the, I think, most competitive battlegrounds you'll see in the automotive industry. One of the reasons you might want this car is it looks different. I really like some of the chrome accents, the trim. The wheels look good; they're big wheels. The hood has a lot of lines and creases, as well. They really did a lot of with the appearance of this car to make it stand out and make it not look like your everyday crossover. Inside it's more of the same theme here. It's not your everyday interior. We equipped this with some light, sort of like a cream color combination. Looks good. Some of our editors have been dinging this car because the materials do feel a little cheap. I'm going to say that I think that's okay for this segment. You generally don't see reclaimed boat wood or something from a forest in vehicles like this. I think this looks pretty good. I think the layout is excellent. I think the materials they did use, Nissan used effectively. Plenty of room in this car. I've put five people in this for an outing on Saturday night. Everybody was comfortable. Seats are comfortable. Love the sunroof; really let's in a lot of light. It's an overcast day but I'm feeling bright because I've got some natural light coming in. This is good.

That's my daily driver, the 2015 Nissan Murano. It's one of our long-term test vehicles. We're enjoying having it for a year-long test. We're getting used to it. We're learning about some of its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it's been a nice addition to our fleet.

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2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano
2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano
2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano2014 LA Auto Show : 2015 Nisasn Murano