Man Drives 1000 Miles In The Mazda Atenza Skyactiv - D With A Single Tank Of Fuel

Man drives 1000 miles in the Mazda Atenza SKYACTIV-D with a single tank of fuelShigeru Miyano, fuel efficiency expert and Guinness record holder for fuel efficient runs in cars such as the Toyota Prius, and racing car designer Takuya Yura succeeded at their attempt to drive a clean diesel SKYACTIV-D Mazda Atenza with six-speed manual transmission for 1,000 miles without refueling.

The challenge was made on June 12 and 13, with the Tomei Expressway's Nihonzaka parking area as a base, using a 223.8 km course that made a loop through the Tomei Expressway and Shin Tomei Expressway.

The car was a completely standard manufacturer's PR model, with no additional aerodynamic parts whatsoever. However, the tires were changed from the standard Bridgestone TURANZA 235/35R19s to Yokohama BluEarth-As. The tire size was identical to the standard version.