Mazda Cx - 7 Almost Takes Out Two Cars While Doing A U - Turn

Mazda CX-7 Almost Takes Out Two Cars While Doing A U-Turn

There's nothing worse than having a car pull out in front of you and catching you unawares. Sometimes, it can end in carnage; if you’re lucky, it can just give everyone involved a good scare.

The following near-miss occurred in Raleigh, North Carolina and involves one inattentive Mazda CX-7 driver, a quick-to-react cammer and a white Toyota MR-2 that almost T-boned the Mazda.

The video starts off showing a black Mazda CX-7 driver doing a U-turn at a large intersection despite traffic barrelling towards them. The driver of the car with the dashcam slams on the horn and hits the brakes as the Mazda pulls out.

Despite the threat of an imminent collision, the CX-7 continues with their maneuver and, in the process, crosses into the right-most lane of the road where there’s a white Toyota MR-2. The Toyota driver quickly swerves out of the way, while the CX-7 driver, perhaps overwhelmed by the entire situation, loses it and swerves straight over the median strip and almost into oncoming traffic.

Coming across videos like these shows that people will oftentimes do very stupid things while behind the wheel, putting themselves and other road users in harm’s way. Luckily, this one didn’t end up in tears, though that’s due to the other drivers paying attention and reacting instantly – and, maybe, a little bit of luck.