Mazda Restoration Parts Program For First - Gen Miata Launched In The U.s.

Mazda Restoration Parts Program For First-Gen Miata Launched In The U.S.

Breathing new life into an old-timer is a very time- and money-consuming experience, so Mazda has come to ease the restoration process of the Mk1 MX-5 Miata in the United States with a dedicated program.

Looking to keep as many original roadsters as possible on the road, the Japanese automaker collaborated with specialty shops and Miata clubs to figure out what parts they mostly need for their projects. Thus, with the help of suppliers, they started making the components in Japan, using modern manufacturing techniques and materials, while retaining the original look and feel.

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"Our unique Jinba-Ittai – 'horse and rider as one’ – engineering philosophy has allowed for the engaging and exhilarating driving dynamic that has remained constant over the years, helping make the Miata an important vehicle for the brand and our fans", said Mazda North America’s Chairman and CEO, Masahiro Moro. "By helping prolong the life of MX-5 Miata NA models, Mazda is committed to supporting the roadster culture and looks forward to seeing these historic vehicles on the road – and on the track – for years to come."

Those with a classic Miata in their garages should thus take a look here for the full list of available parts. Mind you, it’s a 42-page document that includes virtually anything, from those rare oily bits to suspension, brakes, exterior body panels, fabric soft tops and all sorts of buttons and knobs. Designed to look like the original sets, the wheels are being reproduced by Enkei, and are now lighter and more durable.

Part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car ever, this is actually an expansion of the program, which launched in Japan a couple of years ago.