Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely To Get Into Production

Mazda2 Rotary Hybrid Likely To Get Into ProductionThe Mazda2 could benefit from a rotary hybrid powertrain for its next generation.
According to a recent report, Mazda will likely produce the vehicle it has been testing that uses a 0.33-liter rotary engine in the rear of the Mazda2 that not only generates power but charges the lithium-ion battery when it’s running low. The Mazda2 Range Extender was first revealed last year and started its life as an electric vehicle.

The Japanese automaker will market the model as a plug-in hybrid and according to Mazda Australia’s managing director, the rotary-hybrid Mazda2 will be offered in markets “in which you can justify bringing something like that out, to get at least a reasonable amount of volume to justify setting it up as a saleable model, are ones where there’s government support for those types of models.”