Meidensha Unveils Electric Drive System Integrating Motor, Inverter

Meidensha Unveils Electric Drive System Integrating Motor, InverterMeidensha Corp prototyped an electric drive system integrating a motor and an inverter and unveiled it at Automotive World 2017.
The new system enables to reduce volume and mass by 30% and 15%, respectively, compared with a case where discrete parts are combined.

The system is targeted at plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Because of the integration, it becomes possible to eliminate a high-voltage cable connecting a motor and an inverter as well as a cooling water cable. Also, the number of structural components of the metal case can be reduced.

The prototype is equipped with a motor whose maximum output is 60kW.

"We have already finished testing prototypes and are now ready to proceed the development for volume production if asked," Meidensha said.

Competing auto parts manufacturers are also accelerating the development of electric drive systems integrating a motor, inverter, etc. For example, the UK-based GKN Driveline will start volume production of an electric drive system for compact PHEVs in 2019. Germany-based Bosch has also completed a prototype of such a system.