Mercedes Glk Driver Climbs Over (!) A Parked Honda Civic And Runs Away

Mercedes GLK Driver Climbs Over (!) A Parked Honda Civic And Runs AwayIt’s understandable to be confused whenever you come across incidents of this nature, mostly because it’s hard to imagine somebody crashing this way, let alone driving away from the scene.
There’s no telling who the driver is at this point, nor the state in which he or she was at the moment of impact. We could speculate that they were either not paying attention, or perhaps were unable to due to a number of reasons.Point is, they need to be found, and Calgary police needs all the help they can get in identifying the black Mercedes SUV, which to us looks like a GLK.As for the victim, it’s a blue Honda Civic that was simply parked there when the Mercedes SUV hit it – or, more accurately, climbed over its left side, as is more than obvious from the footage.The only good here is that nobody was harmed, as far as we can tell, so whatever damage that stationary car endured is only going to hurt somebody’s pockets and nothing more.In case anyone has any information regarding the hit and run vehicle, please contact Calgary authorities and specify that it’s about Case # 18363877.