Model X And Forester Engage In Highway Battle – But Is The Subaru Driver The Only One To Blame?

Model X And Forester Engage In Highway Battle – But Is The Subaru Driver The Only One To Blame?

The driver of a Tesla Model X was nearly rammed by a Subaru Forester, with the former claiming that it was a case of road rage.

According to InsideEVs, both of these videos (angles) were provided to the Colorado State Patrol, resulting in two tickets being issued to the Subaru driver, one for reckless driving and another for reckless endangerment. The Tesla driver preferred to remain anonymous, stating that the Forester driver didn’t “seem stable”.

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The incident took place on October 25 along I-70 in Colorado, and the TeslaCams did a good job incriminating the person behind the wheel of the Subaru. We can see the Japanese crossover initially merging alongside the Tesla, before leaving the middle lane. A few seconds later, the two cars cross paths again when the Tesla goes from the first lane to the middle one, just as the Forester was attempting to move over from the fast lane.

Things might not be that clear-cut as they seem, though. We’re guessing that the Subaru driver felt as though he got cut off intentionally, which is why he proceeded to overtake the Model X, before nearly hitting into it. It seems to be an aggressive move, with the cammer stating that the authorities came to the same conclusion after viewing the footage, though we presume the Tesla driver could have lifted off the throttle and allowed the Forester to merge in, thus avoiding the whole incident.

According to Colorado state law, reckless driving and reckless endangerment are class 2 and class 3 misdemeanors, respectively. The driver of the Subaru better hope he has no prior convictions.