Modellista Previews Upgrades For 2020 Toyota Yaris

Modellista Previews Upgrades For 2020 Toyota Yaris

Shortly after various TRD parts were previewed for the all-new Yaris, an image showcasing what Modellista has cooked up for the Japanesese supermini has surfaced.

Toyota’s small sub-brand has a wealth of expertise crafting eye-catching bodykits for the Japanese car manufacturer’s various models, and with the new Yaris, they decided against doing anything particularly over-the-top.

Whereas the TRD-equipped Yaris is dominated by an overhauled front fascia complete with additional black parts and new aero add-ons, Modellista’s upgrades are much more subtle. They consist of a new lower portion for the front bumper with subtle chrome accents, extended side skirts and a new set of silver and black wheels.

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No images or details have been offered about parts developed by Modellista for the rear end of the Yaris, but there’s a chance we will see the parts in the flesh at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show or at the Tokyo Auto Salon in early January 2020.

Underpinning the new Yaris is the GA-B version of the company’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. Depending on the market, the hatch will be offered with a 1.5-liter Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain as well as 1.5-liter and 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engines. The aforementioned Dynamic Force powertrain combines a three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a 79 HP electric motor. This system is coupled to an electric four-wheel drive system, a first for a subcompact car.

The brand new Toyota Yaris will hit dealerships around the world from early 2020.