More Honda E Details, Video, Photos Emerge, And It's Still Cute

More Honda E details, video, photos emerge, and it's still cute

Thanks to Honda hosting media in Valencia, Spain, for first drives of the Honda E, we have more details on the city car we're condemned to lust after from afar. The power and range specs we already knew — either 134 horsepower from the base model, or 152 hp in the upper Advance trim, and 232 pound-feet of torque from both, deliver a 137-mile range from the 35.5-kWh battery pack. The distance figure is measured on the more accurate WLTP cycle, not the old NEDC; however, it requires the standard 16-inch alloys to achieve. Opting for the 17-inch wheels cuts range to 130 miles. The E hits the scales with 3,338 pounds, balanced 50:50 over the wheels. The weight makes the two-door about 350 pounds heavier than the old Fiat 500e, which was 11 inches shorter, and the E is exactly 200 pounds lighter than a Nissan Leaf, which is 23 inches longer.