New Lexus Minivan Could Look Like This If Based On Toyota's Alphard

New Lexus Minivan Could  Look Like This If Based On Toyota's Alphard

Lexus released a teaser image of what is believed to be their upcoming people-carrier earlier this week, showing off its signature spindle grille and some aggressively-styled LED daytime running lights.

That vehicle is thought to be the LM 350 and LM 300h minivan, which could go on sale exclusively in China and Southeast Asia. The previously-mentioned monikers were actually trademarked by the automaker last year.

And don’t forget that Lexus Manila president, Raymond Rodriguez, has said that “It’s only a matter of time” before Lexus launches a luxurious variant of the Toyota Alphard minivan.

Here’s a stab at it

By connecting all the dots, meaning taking the 2019 Alphard and applying the front fascia unveiled in that official teaser image, we end up with something like this render by designer Nikita Chuiko, who also added Lexus-styled taillights and wheels.

Of course, we can’t be sure just how big the grille is going to be, or how far down the front spoiler it will travel. The one in the render is comically large though, but the headlights are bang on, identical to the ones in the teaser.

In the end, if the Lexus LM (or whatever this upcoming minivan ends up being called) turns out to be a rebadged and restyled Toyota Alphard, then we can expect it to offer up to 8 seats split into multiple configurations, a premium interior, a quiet ride and a hybrid powertrain, as suggested by the LM 300h moniker.