New Mazda Rx - 7 Coming In 2017, Larger Rx - 9 In 2020

New Mazda RX-7 Coming in 2017, Larger RX-9 in 2020Mazda is on a bit of a roll with its lineup of regular cars, all of which are top picks in their respective class. Their wave is yet to break, though, as we’re also on the verge of the release of the highly-anticipated all-new MX-5 sports car at the start of next month.

After the roadster, a report suggest the manufacturer is also planning not one, but two more powerful sports cars.

One will most likely bear the RX-7 name, a name which has been laid to rest for nearly a decade, while the second one will, according to Motoring, be called RX-9.

The first of these new sports cars, the revived RX-7, will allegedly launch in 2017, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wankel rotary. It’s fair to assume that it will mark the return of the power plant.

Next up, the RX-9 is reportedly being made to celebrate the brand centenary, in 2020. This model could be a supercar from Mazda, but we can in no way say that for certain.