New Mazda Rx - 7 Could Get Turbo Rotary

New Mazda RX-7 Could Get Turbo RotaryMazda isn’t only working on a next-generation rotary engine, but a turbocharged one at that.
According to a recent report, the new RX-7 will make its debut in 2017 and the Japanese automaker is currently focusing its development on a twin-scroll turbocharged rotary engine with a rumored output of around 450 hp. The 2017 launch will also coincide with the rotary’s 50th anniversary.

An earlier prototype of the next-generation RX-7 was believed to be powered by a naturally-aspirated rotary based on a 16X configuration and with “laser ignition.” The test mule was said to produce around 300 hp. Since then, Mazda has decided that the next-gen sports car needs more power, adding on a turbo and going back to testing.