New Toyota C - Hr Is A Well - Sorted Package

New Toyota C-HR Is A Well-Sorted PackageIf the only bad thing you can say about a car is that it has poor rear visibility, we reckon the rest of it must be pretty good.
Though is that really the case with Toyota's funky-looking C-HR crossover? According to Carbuyer's James Batchelor, it might as well be, since the only negatives he found were more in line with someone's personal preferences.

He says that aside from the poor rear visibility, you might also feel a bit claustrophobic in the back, and children sitting there might hate having to look at a door panel instead of out the window.

As for the positives, to start off, you've got the funky design that many people seem to appreciate. Then you've got the fairly high-quality cabin, plenty of space in the back, a decent-sized boot, good driving dynamics and a punchy 1.2-liter petrol engine that Bachelor appeared to enjoy.

In the end, while cars like the C-HR, or the Juke, for that matter, aren't for everybody, their youthful / unique designs end up boosting sales.