Nissan Altima Plows Under Ram Pulling Trailer In Bizarre Accident

Nissan Altima plows under Ram pulling trailer in bizarre accident

If you've ever wondered whether it's possible to wedge a Nissan Altima underneath both a Ram pickup and a camper trailer it was towing, well, here's your confirmation.

The improbable accident happened earlier this month in Virginia Beach, Va., on westbound Interstate 264. Virginia State Police tell WAVY-TV the 2011 Ram and its four occupants was pulling a travel trailer when the trailer's brakes locked up, stranding them in the second lane of traffic.

That reportedly caused traffic to back up on the freeway, with troopers called to the scene for help. But the call was soon updated to a crash situation, and when police arrived on the scene, they found the white 2013 Altima wedged underneath the truck and trailer, right underneath the hitch.

Police say the woman driving the Altima was trying to slow down and merge right to avoid the traffic logjam caused by the trailer when she instead rear-ended it and drove underneath it like a wedge. Which is pretty impressive when you think about it — especially since no one was hurt in the crash.

The woman was reportedly using a hands-free device on a cellphone call at the time of the crash, WVEC-TV reports. No charges were filed, and she was reportedly able to free herself from the pinned Altima.

Roof strength FTW!