Nissan Altima Slams Into Camaro And Tries To Run, Things Don't End Well

Nissan Altima Slams Into Camaro And Tries To Run, Things Don't End Well

The driver of a Nissan Altima got their just desserts after side-swiping a Chevrolet Camaro and fleeing the scene.

Dash cam footage captured by the driver of the Camaro SS, Ivan Tover, shows him turning left at a green turn signal when all of a sudden, an Altima in the lane next to him slams into the muscle car. The white Altima then proceeds to illegally cross the intersection in an attempt to flee the scene of the accident.

Not satisfied with watching the driver make off without some kind of punishment, Tovar begins to chase the Nissan and as you’d expect, he is able to easily catch up with it. This is when the hilarity ensues.

Don’t do what this Nissan driver did

As the driver of the Nissan Altima tries to flee, she understeers around a right-hand bend and proceeds to slide down a ditch and into a barb wire fence. The driver even tries to reverse out of the predicament but is unable to.

Tovar doesn’t hold back when the female driver steps out of the Altima, unleashing a verbal-tirade against the women who at one stage, even complains about her vehicle getting stuck in the ditch all while forgetting that she’s solely responsible for the damage. Tovar quickly learns that she doesn’t have insurance or a driver’s license before the woman bizarrely decides to walk off as Tovar called the police.

Writing in the comments section of the YouTube video, Tovar stated that his Camaro was deemed a write-off as it suffered frame damage. He got a new one but had to pay a $1000 insurance deductible.