Nissan Crossover Runs Red, Rams Cammer Into Rollover Submission

Nissan Crossover Runs Red, Rams Cammer Into Rollover Submission

Deciding who is to blame for dodgy driving on the roads these days has never been easier thanks to the prevalence of dashcams.

Case in point, what happened at this intersection between the camera-equipped vehicle and the driver of a Nissan Rogue crossover who evidently was not paying attention to the road ahead running through a red light.

It’s almost pointless trying to speculate why the Nissan driver ran that red light. In this day and age, it could be one of any number of distractions, some more interactive than others – let’s just leave it at that.

Unfortunately, the lack of attentiveness resulted in a rollover crash, which damaged the dashcam vehicle’s entire left side. Now, depending on what type of car that was and how much it costs, the insurance company might actually consider it a write-off if it ends up costing more to repair than what it’s actual worth.

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The only good news here is that neither vehicle was traveling at high speeds, so Newton’s Second Law of Motion didn’t come into play in the worse way possible. Of course, the impact was still serious enough to flip the dashcam vehicle, but that has more to do with the angle at which the car was hit and its own momentum, rather than the actual force of the crash.

A more serious take on this type of crash can be seen in this video where a taxi driver rams a Mitsubishi Outlander and sends it spinning onto its roof.

The footage, posted to YouTube by Firestone TO, should leave you with a pretty clear conclusion as to how this happened and who’s at fault. Still, a little more spatial awareness from the cammer would have probably been enough for them to avoid getting hit in the first place.