Nissan Extended Services North America Crowns Its Top Dealer In The U.s.

Nissan Extended Services North America crowns its top dealer in the U.S.Today Nissan Extended Services North America (NESNA) presented its Top Performer Award to Jenkins Nissan at its location in Lakeland, Florida.
"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jenkins Nissan and its Finance and Insurance department for its continued success with selling Security+Plus® products," said Bill Alexander, NESNA's general manager. "The additional revenue opportunity coupled with increased owner loyalty creates a winning formula for everyone involved."

Jenkins Nissan received the award based on the dealership's sales volume of Security+Plus® and QualityGuard+Plus® vehicle service contract sales for calendar year 2015.

"We are greatly humbled and honored to receive this award," said Brian Fivecoat, executive manager/partner at Jenkins Nissan. "We did not make the journey here alone; NESNA, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and its field support has been a huge part of our success. Using its superior products and services has allowed us to grow and prosper over the years. We look forward to enjoying a great future and partnership with NESNA."

This is the first time NESNA has presented the Top Performer Award and plans to make it an annual event.