Nissan Gt - R Crashes At The Drag Strip While Racing A Bmw 4 - Series

Nissan GT-R Crashes At The Drag Strip While Racing A BMW 4-SeriesRacing is always dangerous, and that doesn’t exclude drag races, as the driver of a GT-R found out recently.
The Godzilla lined up at the start line along with a BMW 4-Series Coupe and once the light turned green, it set off like a bat out of hell.Straight from the start, you can see the GT-R struggling for traction. Things might have been better if the driver simply lifted their right foot just a bit, but of course, that could have meant losing the race to the Bimmer. Also Watch: Can Nissan’s GT-R Nismo Hold Its Own Against The Dodge Demon?So, the person behind the wheel of the Japanese sports car decided it would be best keep pushing the throttle hard. A few seconds later, he simply lost it and ended up hitting the side barrier, cutting off the BMW 4-Series within the process, which, by the way, managed to brake just in time.The safety crew then arrived at the scene, ready to put out a fire if necessary, but luckily, the Nissan didn’t burst in flames. In fact, while it will definitely have to visit a workshop, it doesn’t seem as it’s a write off.More importantly, though, the driver left the wreckage on his own, although visibly shaken by the crash. Well, we can’t blame him – anyone in his position would feel the same way.