Nissan Mexico Exports Its Five - Millionth Vehicle, A Red Nissan Np300 Frontier Pickup, To Colombia

Nissan Mexico exports its five-millionth vehicle, a red Nissan NP300 Frontier pickup, to ColombiaNissan Mexico has achieved the significant milestone of exporting five million vehicles since the start of its exports operations in 1972, confirming again Nissan Mexico's position as the company's largest vehicle exporter worldwide. The five-millionth unit was a red Nissan NP300 Frontier pickup shipped from Veracruz and destined for Colombia, one of the top export markets for Nissan from Mexico.

The all-new Nissan NP300 Frontier, launched last March in Mexico, offers a bold driving experience, tough exterior styling and a unique interior with outstanding technology and comfort.

Nissan NP300 Frontier is assembled in Mexico's plant in Cuernavaca, Morelos (CIVAC). The NP300 is a favorite truck among Mexican customers, with 5,095 units sold since its launch.

"Reaching the five-millionth exported vehicle milestone confirms the outstanding work done by our manufacturing team to produce world-class vehicles," said Airton Cousseau, managing director, Nissan Mexico. "The quality of Mexican labor is reflected in the vehicles we export to over 50 countries. Our exports are driven by our brand promise in terms of quality, design, technology and durability. It is a great responsibility, and we are proud to achieve it."

The accelerated progress in the exports field is remarkable, since approximately 70 percent of the annual production is intended for export purposes.

"For six consecutive years, we have remained leaders in sales in the local industry," said Armando Avila, manufacturing VP of Nissan Mexico. "This new milestone confirms the strong commitment we have with our manufacturing quality, incorporating great value to the demand we have from different markets globally."

In 2002, Nissan reached one million exported vehicles. Five years later in 2007, the company reached two million units. The three-million milestone mark was achieved in less than four years in 2010. The four-millionth was accomplished within three years in 2013. Most recently, in a two-year record period, it increased from four to five million.

Models included in these export numbers include Sentra, Tiida, March, NOTE, Versa, Tsuru, NV200, NV200 Taxi NY, NV250 (VAN), NP300 and the new NP300 Frontier. During Fiscal Year 2014, Nissan Sentra had the largest export volume and was shipped mainly to the U.S. and Brazil, with a total of 219,336 units.

Last year, Nissan Mexico became the largest vehicle exporter for the brand globally, fully contributing to the objectives of its Power 88 business plan by reaching 538,971 exported units in 2014.