Nissan Patrol Causes Mayhem At Middle Eastern Gas Station

Nissan Patrol Causes Mayhem At Middle Eastern Gas StationRemember those crazy dune bashing, high-speed drifting -and often, driving on two wheels videos that used to come out from Middle Eastern countries?
Well, the one you’re about to see features the same level of foolish (and dangerous) behavior, packed into a Nissan Patrol and unleashed at a gas station in an undisclosed location.The stunt didn’t highlight the Patrol’s rock-climbing abilities, but rather something very different: its drifting competence. Yep, that’s right, going sideways in an old SUV with a high ground clearance that weighs nearly 2.5 tons (~5,500 lbs) stock.Also Watch: Qatari Dune-Bashing Video Shows Impressive Off-Road AnticsWith his face covered, the person behind the wheel of the Nissan Patrol couldn’t care less about other people’s safety, or even his own, for that matter. And they couldn’t be bothered in thinking that everything could have gone bad in a split second.Luckily, the ad-hoc stunts that spanned over the course of a few minutes didn’t result in any casualties, nor did they ruin the integrity of other peopl’s vehicles or properties, but they did leave a few deep scars on the SUV’s tires.For what it’s worth, the Nissan Patrol appears to have been modified, as besides performing remarkably well while going sideways, its exhaust system is very noisy and capable of spitting flames every now and then. But you can see the entire video below and be the judge of it.