Nissan Pickup Driver Loses Control, Rolls Hard Multiple Times

Nissan Pickup Driver Loses Control, Rolls Hard Multiple TimesWhatever it was that caused this Nissan Navara pickup to suddenly veer off the road and into a ditch, it resulted in the truck needing to pull out all the stops in order to protect its driver.
Walking away from this type of crash is a testament to how far passive safety features have come, especially in the last decade and a half or so. In the end, aside from clutching his arm, the driver of the Navara seemed alert and well enough to walk. We’re guessing he definitely had his seat belt on.As for what caused the crash, if you try zooming in on the truck right before it goes off the road, you’ll see that it was already sliding around a bit.So either the slippery road had something to do with it, or there was a tire blow out – at least these would be our top two guesses. At the same time, straight up driver error/inattentiveness can’t be overlooked in today’s day and age, with all the texting while driving.The crash took place on a motorway in Australia, where multiple drivers pulled over to lend a helping hand, as well as to help clear the road of debris. A good faith in humanity moment.