Nissan To Decide On Further Uk Investments After Brexit Terms Become Clear

Nissan To Decide On Further UK Investments After Brexit Terms Become ClearNissan will review its investment plans on UK soil, once the country’s Brexit terms are cleared, said CEO Carlos Ghosn.
Back in October, the company said that they will build the next generation of its Qashqai and X-Trail SUV models at their Sunderland factory in the UK, after getting written assurances from the local government saying that the country’s departure from the European Union will not harm their factory’s competitiveness.

However, Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn now says that the company will have to re-examine their investment strategy, once the terms of UK’s plan to leave the EU become clear, Reuters reports.

"Obviously when the package comes, you are going to have to re-evaluate the situation, and say, okay, is the competitiveness of your plant preserved or not?" he told reporters.

Ghosn added that he trusted and assumed that the UK government would ensure the competitiveness of their Sunderland factory, whatever the final outcome of Brexit. "We're going to have to make decisions on investment within the next two to three years. So obviously the faster the Brexit results come, the better," he said.