Old Mazda Sedan Goes Down The Subway After Intersection Crash

Old Mazda Sedan Goes Down The Subway After Intersection CrashHitting another car can have pretty dire consequences. Unfortunately, the driver of an old Mazda sedan found that out the hard way after running a red light.
The crash took place last week at in intersection in Minsk, Belarus, in the late hours of the night. Apparently, the driver was described as being in a intoxicated and driving without a license.According to BelarusFeed, the Mazda impacted a Lada Vesta at the intersection and then careened into the underground entrance of the subway station, driving down all flights of stairs. Miraculously, nobody was injured and the driver was attended to by emergency services.The authorities detained the driver of the Mazda and subsequently charged him for reckless driving and property damage.Looking back, it’s almost incredible that nobody was hit by the runaway car. People on the sidewalk got out of the way in time and, at that exact moment, there was nobody on the stairs inside the station or in the underpass where the car eventually came to a halt. The fact that it was so late in the night certainly helped, as during the day it would definitely be much more crowded.All things considered, it’s probably going to be a long time before this individual ever gets behind the wheel of another car. Given that they were driving intoxicated and without a license, this is probably a good thing.