Scammers Hack Mazda Usa's Official Instagram Page On Thanksgiving

Scammers Hack Mazda USA's Official Instagram Page On Thanksgiving

In our days, it is common to come across trolls and fake accounts liking and commenting on social media, but the pinnacle of attention-grabbing strategy is hacking. This is what happened today to the official Instagram page of MazdaUSA, judging from their unconventional most recent post.

This is a screenshot of the last post from MazdaUSA’s Instagram page, introducing us to Emma Ramirez, claiming to be a full-time forex trader and traveler, that loves “changing lives”. The fake post suggests that this lady is an investor supported by Mazda, which is “extremely reliable”. The profile has 106k followers with zero posts, showing that hacking can make you appear popular.

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The image was posted more than three hours ago but it seems that the administrator hasn’t taken notice in order to delete it. To be fair, it’s Thanksgiving Day here in the States, so a delay is to be expected. There is also the chance that hackers gained access to the account and don’t allow the actual owners to log in and remove any unwanted activity.

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We hope that Mazda followers won’t fall into the trap and ignore this emmaramirezofficiall who is likely a scam trying to take advantage of unsuspected people and take their money in the form of “investments”. We will stick with the previous post showing the recently updated CX-5 2.5 Turbo which was definitely uploaded by a Mazda employee.

Thanks to the crew at CX50forums for the tip!