Slightly Moded 2020 Toyota Supra Has Just Done A 10 - Second Quarter Mile

Slightly Moded 2020 Toyota Supra Has Just Done A 10-Second Quarter Mile

Owners and aftermarket tuners are having an absolute field day with the 2020 Toyota Supra – and one example has already dipped into the 10-second range down the quarter-mile.

The following Supra was one of the first examples delivered in the United States and is owned by Real Street Performance. The shop started modifying the sports car almost immediately and have since fitted it with a new downpipe, new wheels and tires prepped for drag racing, and retuned software. With a splash of race fuel, it recently recorded a best quarter-mile time of 10.96-seconds at 125.25 mph (201.5 km/h).

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We first wrote about this Supra in early August, when it recorded a best quarter-mile time of 11.4-seconds at 118.33 mph (190 km/h). At the time it was pumping out 442 HP and 477 lb-ft (646 Nm) and likely churns out a touch more than that now, which explains its performance.

To put a 10.96-second quarter mile into perspective, the exact same car recorded a best time of 12.5-seconds at 109 mph (175 km/h) in stock form. After its first drag strip outing, the tuner concluded that a lack of traction was holding it back and with some new wheels and other modifications, over 1.5 seconds have been slashed off its time.

What’s particularly impressive is that these are bolt-on modifications, which means two things. First, it can easily be reversed back to its original state with no hassle, and second, the add-ons can easily be replaced by upgraded ones in order to exact even more power.