Stock And 1,000hp - Tuned Toyota Supra 2jzs Show Why The Mk4 Is Such A Legend

Stock And 1,000HP-Tuned Toyota Supra 2JZs Show Why The MK4 Is Such A Legend

The new Toyota Supra is officially here and if by any miracle you haven't heard the news yet, have a look at our first drive review right here.

It’s been almost two decades since Toyota gave the world a new Supra, which is sort-of insane when you take into consideration the massive following the previous MK4 version had.

But does the Supra MK4 deserve the ridiculous hype? Carwow managed to gather not one, but three examples of the previous Supra: a stock manual Turbo, a stock automatic Turbo and a wildly tuned manual that now pumps out 1,000hp in order to see what’s the fuss all about.

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It’s easy to forget that the Supra MK4 was more of a GT car than an all-out sports car in its stock form; things like the slow steering and the comfortable factory suspension mean that the Japanese legend is a very pleasant and fun thing to drive every day. But the real star of the show is of course that engine.

The legendary 2JZ twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six has been one of the stronger engines ever made, as it’s capable of handling ridiculous amounts of boost with the factory internals but it’s also one of the most characterful engines in its factory form.

Supra nerds will also geek out at the differences between the much rarer UK-spec example and the JDM imported ones, including the additional oil cooler of the former.