Stretched Mazda Mx - 5 Pickup Truck Conversion For Sale, No, Seriously

Stretched Mazda MX-5 Pickup Truck Conversion For Sale, No, SeriouslyWe don’t know what’s cuter; the fact that a procrustean Mazda MX-5 pickup truck actually exists or that the owner of the car is asking $6,000 to part ways with it.
Featured on Craigslist, the internet’s sketchy, back-alley flea market where you can find anything from free sofas to laughably fake Bugatti ads, the seller lists the car as a (obviously) custom made pickup truck built out of a salvaged 1990 Miata with only “22,000 original miles”. We’d take that last part with a few dozen grains of salt.

If there was only a single photo, we would have been tempted to believe it was a Photoshop exercise of the sort we find on Facebook, but this thing is for real. The extension took place at the back of the roadster that maintains its fabric roof, with the Miata gaining a stretched wheelbase and a covered truck bed. Must be a delight to drive.

All this could be yours if you’re drunk enough to spend “$6,000 or best offer”.

Thanks to Donavan for the head’s up!