Subaru Baja Hit And Run Caught On Home Security Camera

Subaru Baja Hit And Run Caught On Home Security CameraThe calendar still says November, but Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo as snow has already fallen in a number of states.
With snow comes accidents, including this one featuring a Subaru Baja. While there’s no word on when or where this crash occurred, a home security system caught a Subaru driver apparently traveling too fast and losing control of their vehicle.By the time the Baja enters the frame, it’s already on the verge of leaving the roadway. Within seconds, the truck drives across a yard and hits what appears to be a utility pole laying on the ground.The Baja catches a little bit of air before crashing into the corner of a wood fence. The truck plows through it and the driver briefly comes to a stop as a neighbor watches on. Instead of calling police or leaving a note, the driver simply takes off.There’s no word on whether or not the driver has been caught, but the Subaru Baja is a horrible getaway vehicle. Not only is the model instantly recognizable, but sales were dismal which means it shouldn’t be too hard tracking down the owner.How bad where Baja sales? Bad enough that Subaru stopped producing the truck after just four years. Carsalesbase data shows US sales peaked at 10,694 units in 2003, but quickly fell to 6,239 units just two years later. While the truck went out of production in 2006, Subaru dealerships had enough inventory to continue selling the model into 2008.Warning: Slight NSFW language