Subaru Driver Cuts In, Canadian Performs A Cop - Worthy Pit Maneuver

Subaru Driver Cuts In, Canadian Performs A Cop-Worthy PIT Maneuver

The famed ‘PIT maneuver' is ordinarily something you'll only ever see performed by a police car but over in Canada recently, one was caused inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) by a normal motorist.

Dashcam footage taken somewhere near Quebec shows the cammer traveling down the motorway and seemingly, minding their own business.

Suddenly, a black 2019 Subaru Forester comes into view and cuts into the lane occupied by the cammer. It appears as though the unaware Subaru driver gives the car a small love tap, sending it over the yellow lane.

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Just milliseconds after this first impact, the dashcam vehicle veers aggressively to the right, slamming into the rear-three quarter panel of the Subaru and spinning it around and into the concrete crash barrier on the side of the motorway. If this PIT maneuver was performed by a police officer, we expect they’d be rather chuffed with how successful it was.

It is impossible to say if the driver of the car filming intentionally slammed into the side of the Subaru as retribution but it certainly appears as if that may have been the case. The YouTube description of the video states that the Forester was a total loss and that the cammer’s car only received a small bump and was repaired the very same day as the crash.